Totes adorbs, totes metulz

John, 20. Originally from Liverpool, currently a final year Ancient History and History student in Leicester.


if the first shot of your male main character involves him in bed with a naked woman he just had a one night stand with who’ll probably not have any lines (unless it’s to compliment the man) and who in all likelihood will never reappear in the story, all in an effort to make your male character seem “cool but emotionally distant/fragile” 

1. i already hate him 

2. i already hate you

13. ‘Always real, always right, always alright’

I’m lying under a haphazard assemblage of red lighting, listening to those hopeless repeating piano chords in Videotape by Radiohead and thinking ‘this is my least favourite song on the album, but fuck it’s beautiful. I can smell pepperoni pizza coming from my kitchen. I can faintly see a bathroom light from my misty window. There’s the small table and chairs on the balcony across that I so wish was mine, currently vacant. Today has been pretty vacant. Horrible adult things like paying rent (farewell, over a grand) punctuated by actually doing a bunch of uni work that will hopefully pay off tomorrow, worrying over the piece of work that has to be handed in on Friday which I have only been writing in scattered, unfinished, barely coherent, insecure, uncertain fragments within the confines of a wandering mind, and also, y’know, fun. Like lying in bed this morning having overslept, sitting up with my guitar and figuring out how to play Sweet Girl (by watching a youtube cover) and Ugly (through, I am proud to say, figuring it out by ear) by Nicole Dollanganger.

I just want the end of this week to come, because it’s already proving stressful, which is why I have to take as much time out as I can to relax in the ways I like to relax. Hence the red lighting and In Rainbows on repeat.


So I went to WTNV live yesterday (the one in manchester) and I brought this poster;

Petty cool, right? Signed by Jeffrey Cranor and everything.

I took a closer look at it today and I noticed the cities at the bottom;

and then I realised



We’ve officially reached that annoying time of year where it’s sweater weather in the morning, but by midday you die from a heatstroke.